Terms and Conditions

You will receive an invoice 24 hours before the shoot, you are not required to pay this until the photos have been taken. Please pay the invoice after the shoot to receive a selection of digital photos for you to pick from.

If you would like more photos than the ones included in your package these are available at £4 per digital photo. You will receive an invoice for these extra photos and will need to pay it before they will be available to download.

The viewing gallery is for you to select which photo’s you would like to purchase, please refrain from screenshotting these images. If you are found to have taken screenshots I will presume you wish to purchase all the photos and you will receive an additional invoice for £400.

Copyright remains with the photographer, this is standard practice. This means you should not, crop, filter or edit the photo in any way and you should not sell the image for commercial reasons.

You are welcome to post online any of the photos you have chosen and paid for, you are also able to print them yourselves or via another third party. Prints are available and a price list can be given on request. Photos you purchase will not be watermarked and will not have a signature.

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