Agreement for undefined

The photographer is expected to turn up at the set date and time and will stay for one hour. The client is expected to be at the place for the set time, ten minutes will be allowed for traffic or any issues the client has getting to the location, after the ten minutes any time the client is not there will go into the one hour slot time. This is because the photographer has other shoots to attend and cannot allow the time to go over into another clients shoot time.

The photographer will maintain copyright of the images, this means the client cannot filter, edit, crop or manipulate the photos in anyway. The client can print the photos and share the photos.

The photographer will edit a large number of photos and the client will pick which photos they wish to receive as digital files and printed photos, the client is expected to come to Penwortham for this. If the client is unable to the photographer may share electronically the photos for you to pick from, the photos at this point however will contain a large watermark across the photo. The picked photos will be sent to you electronically along with any extras you have requested they will contain a small watermark on the bottom right hand side. Printed photos and frames will be available for collection from Penwortham at an arranged date. Frames take over a month as they are bespoke.


Invoices must be paid within two days of being received unless a previous agreement has been made.

It’s suggested that the client wears clothes with textures, like wool. It’s suggested you bring a few extra clothes to pick from. Sometimes clothes and colours can clash with another persons in the photo or the surroundings. These are suggestions, they are not compulsory or a requirement.

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