A&E for us.

We've not been having the best time recently, last night Tinyfoot wasn't breathing properly. Do you know what the symptoms are if your baby has swallowed something and it's stuck? . -drooling -crying -not taking a dummy or food -trouble breathing or noisy breathing -temperature -loss of consciousness . I haven't really thought about the symptoms before because I thought if my kids swallowed something I would know straight away. She started making this funny noise about 2.30pm and it wasn't a sucking breathe in struggling to breathe but more on exhale and panting. At 9pm I took her to a and e because of the sound and they thought she might have something stuck because she had all the above symptoms except she was still conscious. She had an x-ray, ent specialist, some senior doctors. When I took her I hadn't considered she could have swall

owed something, the doctors in the end leaned more towards she has the start of a nasty virus and to take her straight back to a and e if she gets worse. I will remember the above symptoms now, I hope you all do too! Next time it could be something stuck and I know to act quickly.

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