Don't be fooled by the sweet photo.

What a cute moment right!? What lovely perfect well behaved kids I have right!? . As I post this, the eldest is being a little **** because he has a cold and is screaming as his juice is not in a dinosaur cup, I mean how dare I disrespect him like that! What am I even doing with my life? He has repeatedly told me to 'go away' this morning. . The tiny one has been pretty good except we pulled up to the services to her nappy having exploded, poop through the nappy, on her brand new vest, brand new top and pants. I changed her and its gone all up her back and front, we ran out of nappy bags to put the ruined clothes in. Apparently service stations on moterway don't think they should sell them, so it's in a 5p carrier bag. She's now wearing a monster fluffy sleepsuit because I obviously packed all her spare day clothes in the boot suitcases. . Yeah. So how's your day going? I forgot to add the bigger ones had me up since 5am. .

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