Fired for being pregnant!

Before I had kids I had been accepted on to postgraduate course at an elite university so I could pursue a career in human rights. Ofcourse the fees were extortionate with no funding so I had to defer a year and save, save, save! I found a job in Manchester and met my husband, it was a very good well paid job. I started my maternity leave with the first one (Littlefoot) and they 'fired' me for going on maternity. There were a lot of legal loop holes so I couldn't do anything about it. . Almost three years later and I'm still a full-time stay at home mum working flexible part time hours as a secretary for my husband, working my photography business around my family. . I love my children to absolute pieces, even when the big one 'shoos' me and the tiny one screams at me for not giving her constant attention. One of the problems I had finding a job was one that was flexible enough for me to drop my children off at childcare and pick them up. My husbands job is the main job and he can end up working anywhere really with ridiculous times, we've talked about him having to live in another city before now and come home on weekends. There aren't many jobs out there that will take on a new employee and allow flexible working. Let's not even get into the cost of childcare vs how much if anything you actually pocket in profit at the end of your working day. . I quite enjoy being a mum, blogger, secretary and photographer but there are days when I miss having a quiet office to go to and times when I miss the busy offices filled with adult conversations. Maybe 2019 will be more accommodating for mothers trying to work. There's room for improvement in the system. . #dadscomm #Storyteller_Tribe #capture_your_stories #dadscomm #realmotherhoodseries #cameramama #let_there_be_delight #momswithcameras #lemonadeandlenses #netmumsparents #thebeautifulreal #raw_bnw #ig_motherhood #candidchildhood #the_camera_clique #dearestviewfinder #lifedailymoms #savorlifeintensely #thiswildlingsoul #ohheymamma #honestmotherhood #celebrate_motherhood #createandinspirehub #snapfromtheheart #celebrate_childhood #ukparentbloggers #momtogs #candidchildhood #honestmotherhood

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