New-born troubles

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

When I think about Tinyfoots newborn stage there was so much I didn't know. She was 9.95 lbs I wasn't expecting her to be so big. Her shoulder was stuck in delivery. We got sent home five hours after the birth. The night she fed constantly, she wouldn't stop, I was in excruciating pain (I didn't know then I had a bacterial infection in my womb). The next day she was yellow so I requested the midwives to come, they came late afternoon and were more concerned about me than her. We went to hospital and waited hours and hours to be seen, there was no where for me to put her down I had to hold her and I was exhausted and sick. My husband left and we still hadn't been admitted, I still had no bed for her or me and it was 12am, they hadn't even said if we were staying or going. I kept feeding her but her sugar was dropping lower and lower. The nurse or doctor accused me of not feeding her and that's why she was so hyperglycaemic but a health care worker was with me the entire time and saw me feed her and stood up for me. They insisted I bottle fed her to get the sugar up and it did help. I think they gave her a sugar thing too. It was 2am before we got taken to a room for the night. They didn't know what was wrong with her, thought maybe she had a cold. The next morning I wake up and a nurse is next to me and the baby saying her oxygen is really low and we need to get a cannula in there fast. I was frightened, confused and alone. I rang my husband to come down. She was on oxygen for a week, she had bloods taken and IV antibiotics vis a cannula. She had a chest x-ray. I know how incredibly lucky I am to have been able to take her home again. There were some nurses and doctors that were fantastic and there were some who were awful. They kept asking me when she was three days old 'what's she like normally?' I sat there, not having a clue what this brand new baby was normally like. . When she's sick I have a worry deep inside something more is wrong and she will have to go back. When she wakes up in the morning in her bed, I feel so lucky that she's here and she's okay. It's something I feel grateful for everyday ❤️ . #ukparentbloggers #snapfromtheheart #sronggirlsclub

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