Littlefoot hasn't been very well, we aren't sure what's wrong yet or why it's happening but he has been having seizures. The types he has is more where he stares vacantly, he always says his tummy hurts when it happens but more recently he's needed to sleep straight after and we can't keep him awake. It happened again a few days ago he'd had four vacant episodes in the morning, was sick a few times, had a bath where his eyes rolled up to his head so I got him out straight away. I tried to get him dressed but he wouldn't move off the floor, he wanted to sleep. An ambulance came and they struggled to keep him conscious too, they witnessed it too in the ambulance and used the sirens. There was actually a moment in the ambulance when he was so unresponsive to us that I thought he was going to die. . He stayed pretty unresponsive for the rest of the day but his heart rate, blood sugar and eve

rything else became normal so they weren't too worried about this. He had an ecg which was fine and an eeg which was unremarkable. He has to go back another day for a sleep eeg to see if they can find out what's wrong. We just have to sit tight until then and hope we don't have too many more. He's perfectly fine today, he was a little wobbly this morning but he's been fine otherwise, you'd never have known how sick he was if saw him today. . #dadscomm #savorlifeintensely #memoirsofmotherhood #honestmotherhood #candidchildhood #freespiritedchildhood #parentbloggeruk #discoverunder10k #childofig #bloggeruk #momswithcameras #lemonadeandlenses #mamahoodinsquares #art_of_exposure #magicofchildhood #kidsforreal #pixel_kids #honestlyparents #babiesofinstagram #siblinghoodlove #ohheymamas #dear_photographer #ukparentbloggers #snapfromtheheart #everydayphotoaday #momswithcameras #heaventhroughmylens #littlefierceones #storytellingmama

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