When the Doctors don't listen

This little darling has been waving at me and doing this cute thing with her lips for kisses. It's always so magical when you can be there and experience their firsts. . I'm having an ongoing battle with the doctors and the hospital. I can't get them to listen to me, one doctor didn't run any tests and cancelled our ref

erral because she decided Littlefoot wasn't concerning enough. I've taken him so often recently and the people that help just won't listen. I took him again today and have been given another referral. It's so frustrating as a mother, we're told to trust our instincts but when we do they shut us right down, they don't listen and they don't believe us. Where are you supposed to go for help if the people that give the help won't listen? When we didn't know about his milk allergy I had the same problem, no one would listen to me. It took me three months, hours and hours of trips to the doctors, an ambulance trip, hospital trip before they finally listened to me and realised he had a milk allergy. . I know they see so many people and people are sick at different degrees but this is my child and although he's not important enough for them he's one of two most important things to me and I will keep ringing and bothering them until they give us the attention and help that we need. . Have you ever been told to go against your instincts regarding your children? What did you do? . #candidchildhood #atdiff_kids #our_everyday_moments #dearestviewfinder #thiswildlingsoul #childofig #magicofchildhood #kidsforreal #lemonadeandlenses #let_there_be_delight #pixel_kids #bloggeruk #kids #talesofthemoment #the_sugar_jar #wildandbravelittles #dadscomm #thesincerestoryteller #thebloomforum #stillagirl #muminstinct #discoverunder5k #savorlifeintensely #dear_photographer #beinstainspired #fearlessandframed #lifewellcaptured #sc_theme305

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